Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Year 2010 is almost over and i wanted to announce the winners of our competitions while it's still 2010, so we can start over in 2011!:) I also want to tell you some important things about competitions and your entries. On a picture
you can see our winners.

TFSM MODEL AWARDS 2010 WINNER: Alesitapolar (Voile gift 2 and gold tiara)

ONLY GIRL COMPETITION WINNER: funksho8 (1000sd and CG of TFSM spring issue)

About TFSM MODEL AWARDS 2010 winner i don't have much to say, as this contest was hosted for models who appeared in TFSM winter 2010/2011 issue. 3 girls got into a final: Alesitapolar, LonnaLang and Palea. Alesitapolar won with 119 votes. LonnaLang got 81 votes and Palea only 5.
ONLY GIRL COMPETITION is another story. Sadly, a lot of contestants didn't pay much attention to what they mention as their TALENT. I saw a lot of lies, copies and other things like this and it's really disappointing. Anyway, i saw many talented people too, but i had to pick one winner and i decided to pick funksho8. I can explain why-i noticed her special fashion sense long time ago. Her doll is different every day and always impressive. Her talent is easy to see and there's no need to prove that it's really her own talent.


Hope to see you around in 2011!!!

Your Irena

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So there are only 3 girls: Alesitapolar, LonnaLang and Palea. All of them are amazing and deserve to be a TFSM's MODEL 2010. So it's up to you to decide who wins!

Your Irena

Friday, December 3, 2010


Eventually we've posted all nominated models and voting for MODEL OF 2010 starts NOW!!! T
ake a look at all models. There you'll see all models from TFSM winter issue. Vote for the one you like the most!!! To get more information you can visit their stardoll suites and read their presentations or even talk to them? It's up to you! Everyone will be able to vote for 1 week and then we'll have 3 finalists. After that we'll find out who will be a MODEL OF 2010 and get amazing prize!!! Stay tuned!!!

Your Irena